How to increase sales with cross-selling in e-commerce


If you have online stores at e-commerce websites and marketplaces, it’s so normal to try different techniques to increase sales and profits. One of the most popular digital marketing terms among these techniques is cross-selling, also known as “çapraz satış” in Turkish. We suggest you to take a look at our tips to increase your profits with cross-selling and elevate the shopping experience of your customers.

So, what is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is essentially selling additional products to a customer who already customer or a potantial customer. One of the most known example of cross-selling is, when you want to buy a hamburger at fast food chains, seller asks: “Would you like fries with that?” Or when you add a new iPhone to your cart on Amazon, you will see that it also offers AirPods and AirTag trackers. And of course, it’s easy to figure out that the new products offered to you through cross-selling are complementary to the product you added to the cart.

And what are the benefits of cross-selling?

Using the cross-selling technique in e-commerce does have some significant benefits. So, why don’t you  take advantage of them? Here are some advantages of  cross-selling:

  • You will spend less time and effort to find new customers and you can increase your turnover faster. 
  • With your customer data you have, you know your customers and follow their habits so you will have a higher turnover rate of the opportunities you offer. 
  • With cross-selling, you will showcase the extensive nature of your product catalog and help your customers discover other products that might interest them.
  • The basis of cross-selling is foresight toneeds. Satisfy the needs of your customers at the right time increase your customer loyalty.

Cross-selling techniques in e-commerce

Suggesting related products

When a customer adds a product to their shopping cart, show them different products from the same category. Offering related products is an effective way to attract the attention of your customers. For example, you might suggest the dog toys to a customer who is ordering dog food may interest them greatly. 

Highlighting complementary products

Doesn’t it make perfect sense to recommend filter coffee and filter coffee paper to a customer who is ordering a coffee machine? Or, when an elegant suit is ordered, suggestion a tie may be just the piece of your customer needs. 

Showcasing the top-selling products

When Trendyol users add products to shopping cart and then click the “Go to Cart” button, they see some products from top-selling categories when they click the. These products come from different categories , from books to outlets, and masks to mascara.

Turning experiences into recommendations

The “Frequently Bought Together” formula can lead to impressive results. For instance, when you add a tea maker to your cart in Hepsiburada, you can see that it offers you various products such as a blender set, a toaster, or a waffle maker under the “Frequently Bought Together” title. 

Directing the customers to useful services

Another way of cross-selling is direct your customers to product related services. If you’re selling high-priced items such as televisions or cell phones, paying an extra small fee to extend the warranty of the products for a few years can be an attractive offer for your customers.

Cross-selling tips to increase sales in e-commerce

Start with your top-selling products

If you’re new to cross-selling techniques, you can start with your top-selling products. This can be done by suggesting a few affordable complementary products on the shopping cart page. Or perhaps, on the page of the product that your visitors are already interested in. 

Offer affordable products, increase the chance of sales

The price of cross-selling products shouldn’t be higher than main product. The ideal price of cross-selling products can be between %10-%50 of main product.  

Choose the perfect timing: When you use cross-selling in e-commerce?

Timing is critical for cross-selling. When you use cross-selling too frequently and inappropriate it may cause your customers to abandon the shopping cart, and even damage your store’s reputation. It’s wise to use cross-selling methods at two specific points of the purchase process: The product page and at the checkout page.

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