How to set up an e-commerce site with Shopify?

Nowadays, the best way of selling to customers is by providing the best customer experience. For this reason, easy-to-use e-commerce websites are loved by everybody. Shopify grows its popularity as an user-friendly e-commerce infrastructure day by day.

If you think to sell by building your online shop, Shopify infrastructure absolutely will be attractive for you. In many platforms, Shopify is indicated as the most popular infrastructure all around the world and you can find the thing that you need to know on this blog.

What is Shopify?

Shopify draws attention by helping to build online shop for companies and as being a user-friendly e-commerce platform. With the point of sales feature (POS), this platform contains the payment system, provides an omnichannel experience to users.

How Shopify works?

Totally based on cloud structure, Shopify offers the flexibility to reach and manage your business from everywhere that is able to connect with the internet. By gathering the various tools like inventory, payment and shipment methods, this platform eases the organization of operations.

How much is the Shopify subscription fee?

Shopify which works with a monthly subscription system offers different standard plans according to your business scope. Plans that begin from 24 USD on monthly basis, support the brand belonging to your shop and various sale tools. You can check all of the subscriptions Shopify plans on this page. Shopify offers 3 days free trial. After trying the platform you can select the proper plan.

What are the features that Shopify presents?

  • To constitute your website fastly, Shopify presents templates. By customizing these templates you can make them proper to your business.
  • Shopify offers different applications to add many different features to your e-commerce site. To check the applications you can visit Shopify App Store.
  • You can use stock images and videos on Shopify library. We recommend you check the stock image website Burst developed by Shopify.
  • You can make changes with the drag-and-drop design tool.
  • You may need more customizations for your e-commerce website. In that case, you have the opportunity by reaching the codes of HTML and CSS documents.
  • Shopify eases to optimize your e-commerce websites for search engines.

How to sell on Shopify?

By entering your e-mail address from start your free trial.

Before selecting the theme, upload your products. Designing can take your time longly and afterward the chosen theme is not shown properly to your products. For this reason, we recommend previously uploading your products and then selecting the theme.

You can upload your products with the “Add Your Product” button from the Products menu. You can enter the titles that describe your products clearly, descriptions and images.

Thereafter by entering the product price, stock and other inventory information, you can make them ready for sale.

If your products have choices like different colour and size, you need to enter SKU (Stock Keeping Units) information from “Product Options” title.

If you sell physical products in your shop, you can enter the kilogram, location and customs informations.

How to edit a Shopify design?

After completing the upload of your products, by visiting the Shopify Theme Store you can select a theme fit to your brand.

When selecting a theme rather than colours and fonts, we recommend you give importance to the features like seach, layout.

After selecting the theme, you can start to edit the homepage of your website. From “Online Store” title, visit “Themes” page and click “Customize” button to begin editing.

While you are editing the homepage, you can make it proper to your brand identity by customizing the various elements like banner, slider, collection, images and texts.

We are ready to build your website integrated with Shopify

Even it is an easy-to-use platform, in order to create e-commerce website and do the product management in Shopify, it will be a requirement giving the job to the specialist. As fiCommerce who offers end-to-end solution services, we offer to set up e-commerce website for you.

Shopify sets up by focusing on customer experience, we manage your operation from beginning to the end with our services like bulk product listing, stock tracking, stock updating, cargo tracking, reports and analysis. To get detailed information, you can visit our E-commerce Website Design page.

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